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Should You Need Unlimited Hosting For Wordpress?

April 01, 2018
Should we need unlimited hosting for Wordpress? Be careful since not everything is indeed unlimited as it claims! Let us unravel this myth for you in this post.

Building up a network of blogs and websites is one of the best strategies to help you get the best dependable income online. However, we’ve got too many hosts out there to choose, and one common thing about them is that they both provide Unlimited Hosting. It means the unlimited disk space, bandwidth, data transfer, add-on domain name capacity, and almost everything!

Does it sound good, especially when you have a new Wordpress website? Well, sadly, almost no. In this post today, we’re going to reveal more about the myth behind the term “unlimited” hosting you’ve always heard. Let’s take a closer look at the key points behind this claim straightforwardly!

“Unlimited” things are just oversold!

The myth behind that ‘unlimited’ web hosting term
As usual, a standard web host which claims providing unlimited bandwidth or disk space is said to be oversold, at least for us! First off, a server is incapable of hosting a set of unlimited websites. When the hard disk owns its limits, it just cannot do that.

Once you begin doing research, you will soon notice that every overselling web host all claims to deliver unlimited hosting, but that happens as only the terms of the ‘Fair Use Policy’ differs the Terms of Use. According to this Fair Use Policy, it claims that you’re completely free to host the website as long as you avail one given set of resources, including both bandwidth and disk space.

If the Wordpress site tends to cross its bandwidth limits, you might violate that Fair Use Policy and then your site will get penalized. So this is not so unlimited in our opinion! Besides, here are some typical examples for that ‘unlimited’ you’re easily enticed:
  • BlueHost will throtte the CPU usage if you almost hit the limit.
  • The Hostgator can shut you down once you surpass a number of inodes.
  • iPage possibly suspend the account once your site consumes the excess amount of CPU power.
But in what way do these web hosts oversell the servers? The answer is pretty easy: When there are a hundred of users on one shared server, not any of them would like to use all of the resources available.

In other words, ninety-nine out of the total 100 users would get a little fraction of the site’s traffic and space. This enables the host to oversell their servers without a doubt. They will claim that the hosting is limitless and stacking even 200 users on one server that can handle 100 websites.

Your Wordpress might not need ‘unlimited’ web hosting!  

Should we need unlimited web hosting for Wordpress?
Why do we have to state this? And what indeed occurs once you use all of the resources available to you?  More than that, what if ten out of the 100 users out there trying hard to drive traffic their way, one way or another, and then kick off consuming plenty of bandwidth? And this is where the limits of unlimited web hosting start to join the play.

The correct result could vary from one host to another, but the most common outcomes consist of the server that becomes so slow to react. Or when the defaulting sites are taken down as the time being. Once such a thing takes place too often, the users having the popular sites are inquired to migrate to one particular VPS, though these sites could survive well in a not-oversold shared setting.

So is unlimited web hosting bad? 

“Is unlimited web hosting bad for your  Wordpress? Maybe, but that doesn’t mean that you must be scared of it. The key point we’d like to point out in this post is to interpret to you that while determining a web host, it’s best not to fall for any boastful marketing gimmicks that count on too much on using the word ‘unlimited’.

Is ‘unlimited’ web hosting for real?
Instead, put your focus on any web host who provides great support, stats, and other characteristics. As you know, one certain web host who is committed to giving you 1 GB of disk space plus 10 GB of bandwidth for only $5 each month is said to be much better than the one who offers you the unlimited bandwidth plus unlimited disk space for $3 each month. But if you start running a site that has less traffic, you can choose the unlimited web hosting.

Sure enough, there won’t be too many risks to suffer due to less traffic, your Wordpress website tends to stick to the Fair Use Policy. Overall, the naive consciousness of gaining ‘unlimited’ benefits means “without limit”, which is not the case in reality. Nobody owns an unlimited amount of bandwidth at disposal with which to offer thousands of hosting clients their own slice of pie.

Many of us love to achieve things for free, but not all of these free things are optimal. Like with your web hosting, a lot of beginners start to be attracted to any free hosting service. They thought that they can save a lot of money. So the best advice for you is to opt for the best cheap web hosting if you really take your website business that seriously!


In one way, unlimited web hosting can offer you the freedom to host as many sites as you want at a reasonable price. However, all the hosting companies offering unlimited hosting could have many restrictions on their services. It’s seen as a marketing gimmick to draw more new hosting clients.Before the registry, check their terms of service to learn more about what they mean by ‘unlimited’.
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GoDaddy’s Managed Wordpress Hosting Beginner’s Guide 2018

February 03, 2018
Are you seeking some reliable hosting options? Then take a look at GoDaddy’s Managed Wordpress Hosting plan for the best features to add to your website.

GoDaddy launched its Managed Wordpress Hosting service, which tells us that they have been trying hard to be the market leader in domains. Today, we’re going to show you a mixture of actual customer reviews on this product. It offers you a neutral look at how their hosting plan runs and a few of highlighted features you might find interesting to try!

Why do you choose Managed Wordpress Hosting of GoDaddy?

So you want to kick off with the first blog of your own, or probably a website for your small business, right? For whatever reasons, you’ve made a smart choice by selecting to operate the site on Wordpress. This is considered one of the simplest and easiest site platforms as compared to the others.

There’s no need to be a professional designer or a good developer to make your website. It’s because GoDaddy’s Managed Wordpress Hosting can make your life easier than ever! It won’t deliver any stress about updating the Wordpress setup, which also means that you no longer break the website thanks to the plugin.

Besides, it’s good to know that you don’t have to stay up late just to wonder whether your website is prone to a hacking attack or not. So why do you choose GoDaddy’s Managed Wordpress Hosting? It can help you save a lot of time and energy when it comes to your installation maintenance.

How to get started GoDaddy’s Managed Wordpress Hosting? 

It seems that GoDaddy creates the entire process as easy as they can. It’s unnecessary to set up Wordpress since you’ve selected a Managed Wordpress Hosting plan. This plan has been already established for you.

For this reason, all you have to do is install your website. Initially, login to the account of GoDaddy, and then you’ll see a hosting toggle showing up in the products tab. Let’s open it up and press the Launch button for the new hosting scheme.

Let’s login to GoDaddy account before pressing ‘Launch’ button! 
Later, you would want to form your own site, or migrate a certain one that you’ve already built. For such beginner’s tutorial, we choose to install a new website to display you all of the available options GoDaddy must provide. They will offer you a fast form to fill out. Make sure to purchase a domain name for the website in advance. Next, add in the account information before clicking Finish.

Fast Setup Option of GoDaddy 

We’re sure that GoDaddy makes things easier for a beginner to get Wordpress website setup. You indeed must follow the directions and avail the choices offered to you. Next, it’s possible to have your site up right away! The upcoming screen you will get to see is the initial step to the new website. Choose a category that can depict what kind of site you’re creating.

Based on what options you choose, various themes would show up for you to select from. GoDaddy consists of the non-charged Wordpress themes, which help you install and operate. If there won’t be the one you’re interested, then pick the one to set up and switch over to the premium theme later on.

GoDaddy fast setup screenshot 
After picking a theme, let’s begin adding your content. GoDaddy can provide you with some fundamental content choices depending on the theme you’ve selected. Don’t miss adding information about yourself and the sort of business you own in the About segment.

Click on Add button lying below the contact if you want another contact page. And if you like to have a gallery, you’re given the option to add three images for starting out. Last but least, you freely add extra custom pages for anything you probably like to have. Once you finish, tap on the Publish button on the website.

Once you’ve done, then you’ve finally got the Wordpress website supported by GoDaddy. Press the blue button to see the site as you wish. You might like to change the settings for permalink and widgets by the time you decide to share it. Feel free to add in more interesting posts, categories, pages, and tabs.

Pros and cons of GoDaddy’s Wordpress Hosting 

Advantages and disadvantages of using GoDaddy’s web hosting
First of all, GoDaddy is affordable in price, and they often give the clients coupons for longer log-in. Secondly, it gives us the unlimited bandwidth, which tells us the certain number of people visiting the site at a time. Unlike other hosting companies, they find every way to limit your features, such as storage, email, bandwidth, or email. Besides, the hosting plan here allows us to integrate with other Google Apps as well.

However, together with its pros, the web hosts of GoDaddy will restrict databases, emails, and even memory. But you can have unlimited things here as long as you choose its Ultimate Plan. According to some users, GoDaddy is not very friendly for supporting its client leave, making it a con as well. And one of the most annoying thing about it is that GoDaddy could make you take care of a bit more tasks.

In other words, as you want to generate the content automatically or use wikis or forms, you have to experience a lot of hoops.


If you want a cheap and durable web hosting, GoDaddy’s Managed Wordpress Hosting would be the finest option to consider. Hopefully, you’ve been informed fully about how to get it started with the quick setup method through this post today.

And for real, we all love it for many reasons – its price, support, and the great reputation in the industry. If you like the idea of having somebody deal with your Wordpress updates and maintenance, this hosting plan is meant for you! Among so many fish in the sea, it’s just worth our discovery!
GoDaddy’s Managed Wordpress Hosting Beginner’s Guide 2018 GoDaddy’s Managed Wordpress Hosting  Beginner’s Guide 2018 Reviewed by thanhcongabc on February 03, 2018 Rating: 5
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