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Shadow Cloud Computing Gaming Service On The Go

September 23, 2018
Description: A virtual cloud computing with Windows 10 interface which allows you to stream games online and offline may sound like a fantasy. However, Shadow PC from Blade has proved that it’s not.

If you ever want to use the Windows operating system on a Mac or Overwatch on cellphones, Blade has the answer. This French cloud computing service provider has introduced its latest technology called Shadow PC in an attempt to enter the US market. Users can now enjoy full accessibility to the cloud service with the Windows 10 experience. That way, they could install their favourite software such as Photoshop, and more importantly, enhance their gaming experiences.

The introduction of Shadow PC cloud computing service from Blade has left many people in awe. 
This approach has earned Blade some credits. Since most game providers such as PlayStation Now don’t notice the importance of unlimited access for gamers, and most cloud computing providers ignore this potential area, Blade is regarded as the pioneer.

Shadow PC specifications

Shadow PC offers users what seems to be a good deal: complete access to the could service with excellent graphics, farfetched power and so on. This is a good catch for many gamers since this virtual service could be a synonym to a $2000 PC.

Blade’s super protected data centres in Europe and California could provide a stable and perfect 4K image. Their latest technology allows them to run a virtual Windows 10 eliminating any possible hardware glitches. Featuring the cutting-edge NVIDIA graphic solution, Shadow is able to display perfect image in 1080p at 144Hz. Their out-and-out 8-threads XEON CPU optimises the system. Blade provides up to 256GB for storage space, so that you can freely store your documents and apps.

Shadow is compatible with not only Mac but also windows, Android and soon iOS. This gives users the opportunity to gain access to the server no matter which type of operating system they are using.

For those who want a small but powerful PC system, Blade offers a box which can entirely replace your personal computers and bulky hardware. Shadowbox replace your computer unit and turn it into a beautiful experience with fantastic features such as 4K, HDMI, DisplayPort and USB 3.0

Gaming experiences 

Blade team has been working hard to present a cloud computing service which allows users to stream games online or offline. First of all, they tested Overwatch tournaments in their cloud computing service. The result was stunning. Playing Overwatch in Blade’s cloud service and on a computer does not make much difference.

Shadow was tested thoroughly to ensure its quality. 
The team later tested  CS: GO as people distrusted the result of play Overwatch experience. They blamed the technology of Blade to lessen latency as the main reason for the smooth Overwatch experience. However, the result with the hardcore CS: GO proved that Shadow provides a stable and robust platform for any kinds of games.

The team wanted to further their examination to make sure that their promise for a latency-free gaming experience could be kept under any kinds of circumstances. They decided to use Shadow Box and uploaded Rise of The Tomb Raider there. Shadow Box is a creative item which helps users connect to the cloud computing service offline. The resolution while playing was top-notch.

The team later tested their game experience on a tablet. Amazingly, they could play a premium game on a tiny tablet connected to a controller via Bluetooth without any problem. The same test was performed on a smartphone and a MAc, and the result made no difference.

This achievement is mainly due to the machine-learning app that enables Blade to assess the quality of the network at their data centre. AI technology controls the latency-free streaming while playing games, creating smooth experiences.

Shadow subscription 

If you want to have the same incredible gaming experiences, subscription to Shadow service is required. At the moment, this cloud computing service is only available in California, however, soon enough, the introduction of this beautiful cloud computing service will be nationwide.

To use the service, you need to pay $49.95 per month, $39.95 monthly for a 3-month subscription, and $34.95 monthly for an a-year subscription. In other words, Shadow PC will replace your bulky desktop with an updated high-end cloud computing service that will likely cost around $420 for a year commitment. Shadow PC can bring you ultimate gaming server, which allows you to play games like on a high-end PC system that could cost over $2000.

Shadowbox is provided for those who cannot connect to the cloud. 
Some people did make their calculation. Compared to Netflix, Shadow PC still needs a lot of work ahead to live up to their expectation. Shadow’s subscription asks players to buy and update their games, whereas services like Nvidia’s GeForce Now provides inbuilt games.

However, if you are looking forward to the prospect of streaming game on the go and also upgrading your old PC system into something new and fancy without paying a large sum of money, then a $35 subscription fee is quite acceptable. Shadow PC team is still working up to expand their market and upgrade their cloud computing service so they can provide better, more qualified service to games. Meanwhile, sceptics remain silent and watch for the next launch of this service and see if it a product of value.
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