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Top 9 Best Cloud Hosting Services in the World

June 03, 2018
Avoid an attractive trap with a cloud hosting service provider when you do not do your homework – find out the real side of the scene!


When you need to control something bigger like your client’s databases, then you should prefer using the cloud computing. Cloud hosting is a new type of hosting way for handling wider website or projects.

There are many options for bloggers, developers, and website creators to choose from a quality service provider about offering web-hosting services like the shared web hosting.

In fact, the simple way to begin with the cloud-based platform is using the shared web hosting. The key point here is you need to find a reputable provider to help you start the journey.

This is the reason why we are here to support your list out top 9 best cloud hosting services in the world.

Top 9 best cloud hosting services on the market: 

#1 –Amazon Web Services 

Amazon Web Service is currently the most powerful IaaS cloud service provider, but now they are competing with the two major technology companies are Microsoft and Google.

This company is a set of service that provides programmers with access to Amazon's ready-to-use computing infrastructure. Amazon's robust, built-in PCs are now available to allow anyone with access to the Internet.

Also, Amazon offers a number of Web services, but this series focuses only on basic building blocks, which meet some of the core requirements of most systems such as storing, calculating, transmitting messages and data sets.

You can build complex and multifaceted applications using the layered functions with reliable, efficient, integrated merge services provided by Amazon.

Web services exist within the cloud outside of your environment and are potentially very high performance. You pay only based on what you use without having to pay the initial costs and capital.

You do not need to spend money for maintenance because the hardware is maintained and served by Amazon.

#2 –Microsoft Azure

In this industry, Microsoft Azure is a serious competitor to AWS. With the strengths of analytics, personal archiving and especially disaster recovery such as data recovery, bug fixes to applications with their extended service packs.

Microsoft Azure is an open and flexible cloud platform that enables you to quickly build, deploy, and manage applications across the Microsoft Data Center global network.

Microsoft Azure is well-suited to be available and has a balanced load design and is capable of self-healing when the hardware fails.

You can use any language, tool or platform to build applications. And you can integrate your public cloud applications with the built-in IT environment.

#3 –Google Drive

Google's hosting service provides storage space on the cloud platform. For example, with the free up to 15GB, it allows users to store many types of data such as text, video, audio, PDF and on the "cloud" platform.

Google Drive with advanced Google Docs and Google+ support makes it easy for users to access and edit documents anywhere or share files with friends.

With Google Drive, you can access your documents anywhere and any iPhone, iPad, Android smartphone, laptop or desktop.

#4 –HostGator

HostGator is also one of the top 10 best cloud hosting service companies, it is providing hosting for over 1,800,000 domains, and about 200 employees work. This number has made a lot of people believe, and there are quite a lot of companies and bloggers are a reseller for HostGator and also use their services.

However, the $3.96 package is limited when you can only host a single domain, if you want unlimited, you have to pack another package for $7.95.

#5 –Inmotion

Inmotion hosting offers a variety of hosting services, affordable hosting packages for individuals, VPSs, servers and hosting packages for businesses.

Even the cheapest package of Inmotion hosting ($3 per month) is also provided with utilities such as Backup, Website builder, spam protection, etc.

This service provider is rated by CNET as the top three in the industry and considered the official CNET service.

Reasonable price, fast server speed, stable hosting, good customer service, Inmotion is one of the few companies with Max Speed Zones service that allows your website can load faster. In addition, Inmotion is also a reputable and quality VPS provider.

#6 – Bluehost

When it comes to naming well-served reputation, Bluehost Cloud Hosting is one of the most popular web-hosting service providers.

This service vendor has become the biggest brand name in the WordPress hosting as a popular hosting service provider. It offers service more than 2 million websites from countries to the world.

With several features in each plan, this provider is available for both starters and experienced users.
Bluehost is a worthy investment at the reasonable price point, to begin with, a host and infrastructure at once. Your websites can meet all standards of many searching websites like Google.

#7 –Dreamhost

DreamHost is also one of the reputable and quality host providers. The number of bloggers and webmasters using DreamHost is quite high. However, compared with BlueHost, the price of DreamHost is a bit pricey.

The great thing about theDreamhostis it has a great reward policy, you cannot spend money hosting if you introduce the Dreamhost to your friends or other new users.

#8 –Vultr

Vultr is a cloud computing provider which gives the high-performance SSD cloud servers around the world.

They always improve their services to make a reputable company for all developers and webmasters. Thanks to a high-quality platform, they enable to create the most reputable service for all clients.
Today, Vultr has more than 15 datacenters from countries to the world, including some cities in the US, Singapore, Amsterdam, Tokyo, Paris, Frankfurt, and Sydney. They specialize in fast cloud infrastructure with Intel-based machines as well.

#9 –Digital Ocean

Digital Ocean is a cloud hosting enterprise based in the US which designed the cloud-based platform for all developers. The company was found in New York in 2011 with many talented engineers.
Digital Ocean has more than 500,000 developers around the globe these days. They are one of the best cloud hosting providers in the industry without getting any troubles like hacking issues or co-operations reported.


Security problems are not a difficult point for every business with the cloud computing. However, this factor will ensure at the highest level when you find out the best cloud hosting services providers.
You know, like any service, there are several vendors around the world can promote this industry with attractive advertising information. You will get a trap if you do not discover high-quality companies in the today’s digital world.
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What should we prepare for AI in the machine learning era?

May 08, 2018
What do you know about Artificial Intelligence? How to prepare for this significant change in machine learning? Keep reading this article.


AI has been a familiar technical term in our modern lives in recent years. There is no doubt that Artificial Intelligence is applied in various different fields and will play an indispensable role in the near future.

Admittedly, how Artificial Intelligence will be used effectively and exclusively in business appears to be a burning question to many people. Regardless of what the answer is, I am sure that Artificial Intelligence sooner or later will replace a large number of workers as well as staffs in companies. Therefore, it is high time for us to prepare for this significant change in the modern machine learning.

These 5 following guidelines are pivotal for your Artificial Intelligence strategy. Remember to use it properly in a specific situation.

1. Education

It is obvious that there are lots of people working in distinct fields in your organization with a different level of knowledge such as IT, mathematics, or management skills. However, sometimes not all that they learned is the most effective and best way to deal with the problem. In some cases, their solutions may be suitable for one time but do not work in another time.

Nevertheless, there are some fundamental things that will not change in the near future even when Artificial Intelligence has become more and more prevalent in machine learning field:

The first aspect is clustering. It is the way different components are grouped together in a unity.
Secondly, you need to insight into classification. This element is very important because it focuses on choosing positive things and regard negative ones.

Thirdly, prediction on a line also is very essential. You will have the ability to anticipate the variation or tendency of a specific value if you are able to create the appropriate line graph.

Another thing you need to know is a prediction of the change. In reality, this is not an easy task. To do this successfully, you have to accumulate many documents and find similarity and differences between them. After that, it is necessary for you to draw your own conclusion and prediction.

Apparently, if you apply this method in such a suitable way, I am sure that you can avoid mistake or risk and forecast about certain changes in the near future. Generally, prediction of on a line is a very helpful tool during the time you run a business.
Machine Learning and Deep Learning In The Cloud: Are You Ready?
This is the time to deep learning in the cloud
iOS 11 is coming with machine learning
Besides, sorting is also really essential in running your business. Undoubtedly, you will have many choices and decisions to make when you start to do something. Thus, this skill will help you choose necessary and unnecessary things at one time. It means you do not waste time on focusing too much on only one issue.

Last but not least, you also should take care of pattern recognition. In fact, many people usually look down this point. However, it is important when you want to decide what kind of shape is appropriate for the value. So, do not forget to learn about pattern recognition.

In a company, different people take their own responsibilities for specific areas. Developers mainly concentrate on doing technical and mathematics works. Meanwhile, executives and analysts are responsible for predicting the variance and making a suitable decision. Therefore, you need to find feasible ways to cooperate different people in a strong group to deal with all problems.

2. Componentization

At present, there are numerous tools beside componentization to help us save and remember our data. They are regarded as “notebooks”. These types are attiring more and more scientists and their collaborators. Of course, this way brings many benefits.

Nevertheless, this field also has its own problem. When you implement componentization, it will lead to bad practices. In this case, the algorithm you use can be similar to others. Thus, you need to choose a suitable one.

3. Systemization

When running a business, you will encounter some problems related to creating an organization and how to control it. In this situation, you need to apply systemization skills to ensure everything will be done smoothly and exactly.

Obviously, if you take advantage of this skill successfully, you do not need to waste time and money for thinking about its organization anymore.

4. AI/ UI componentization

It is undeniable that there are many different groups in your company. Therefore, it is necessary for you to use a computer which has Artificial Intelligence abilities. This will certainly enhance the effectiveness of production.

5. Instrumentation

The last tip in my today article is preparing a good instrument and tool to save your data. Make sure that it has a large storage to save any document. I am sure that a good storage channel will bring more opportunities for you in the near future.


By and large, Artificial Intelligence has become more and more popular in modern machine learning. You need to prepare some necessary things for this change in the near future. If you implement these 5 above guidelines, you will certainly take advantage of Artificial Intelligence. Remember to use each method properly.
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The best concern for your cloud computing strategy

May 08, 2018
For your business, are you using the cloud aggressively or passively? What is the best concern for your cloud computing strategy? Find out more in this post.


Some companies and government agencies are actively making use of the cloud, while others are still passive for some reasons.

The problem raised here is the top concern for a cloud computing strategy. Whether you are applying the right “cloud spirit animal” for your business or not? Check our post to have a close look at this issue.

What is cloud computing?

First, let’s define the cloud computing. The cloud here means a network of servers which are super-powerful computers. Anything referring to “cloud-based” or “in the cloud” means it primarily lives online.

Accordingly, cloud computing will give users access to data wherever they have an internet connection. It creates a virtual, flexible and global way for businesses to access their data in any place, any time.  This is exactly the great benefits that cloud computing provides.

Setting up the issue

Despite above benefits of cloud computing for business, the ways leading to using it are not all the same.

While many companies continuously and aggressively use cloud computing in doing their business, others still hesitate or are trying just to save about 30% in ops costs.

When it comes to how you’re using cloud computing in the business, consider the level of your using cloud computing or so-called “cloud spirit animal”.

Analyzing and determining 

Are you a lion that is strongly working to increase the market share of your business? Are you a zebra hoping that a lion won’t catch you? Or are you a groundhog that likes living in a den without many momentous changes?

Cloud lions invest in cloud computing to disrupt their market and aggressively compete to gain the lasting market share. They are always ready for the competition.

Cloud zebras are just seeking ways to save a few ops bucks. They are acting just to be safe and to maintain the status quo or so-called state of affairs.

Cloud groundhogs have no intention of spending money on the cloud. They just try to avoid the hype surrounding cloud computing, so they won't be asked about it anymore.

So, what situations may happen?

Cloud lions will be able to use their speed to market and their agility for fail fast strategy, then figure out new innovations in their marketplace for major ROI (Return On Investment), such as the customer experience automation, the customer journey map or predictive analytics to have the inside track, and thus may eat cloud zebras.

Cloud zebras may not use the cloud beyond some ops dollars, and in most cases, many of them can't manage to get away from the lions even if they continue to delay when they are on the verge of ruin.
Of course, the cloud groundhogs won’t see any value; in fact, they may reduce their value or miss out on tremendous opportunities when ignoring the cloud.

In a word, whether you are using cloud computing isn’t the best concern for your strategy, but how you are applying cloud computing in the business.  Consider the above analysis to determine what your current cloud spirit animal is.

Using but not trusting blindly

Cloud computing may play an important role in the success of modern business enterprises. But that success is achieved only by accepting a little bit of risk, for instance, the cloud computing puts your data in the hands of a third party.

In case you are ready to become cloud lions, your using cloud computing, of course, requires a certain amount of trust for the situation mentioned earlier.


Anyway, this doesn't mean you should give that trust blindly. You had better trust but verify without taking a leap in the dark.

Cloud providers understand the importance of the customer trust and do everything they can to assure that trust, such as continuously improve the cybersecurity and data protection initiatives.

However, you shouldn't become complacent about the data security or even the security provided by the well-known third-party cloud providers. You should actively question, test and retest, and probe the system's security level.


After all, you may find out the best concern for your cloud computing strategy. That is how you are using cloud computing for your business. Hopefully, this post may help you consider the current situation and insightfully take a big step to gain the targets in your business.
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Top 5 Best Free Cloud Hosting Service Providers 2018

January 10, 2018

Are you looking for the best free cloud hosting services providers? So, this is the time to continue to read my/our post right now.


The cost of building and maintaining a fast-growing website can be a headache for business owners, especially small businesses or new businesses. Therefore, companies always try to minimize other costs including hosting. In this article, I/We will introduce the best free web hosting providers to help businesses easily and quickly save.
Top 5 best free cloud hosting services in 2018

#1 - 000webhost

000webhost is the bestfree webhosting serviceprovider on the market today with 14 million users. 000webhost has provided free ad-free hosting since 2007.

Therefore, they have a lot of experience in this service array. You do not have to worry about the website disappearing overnight. Rich hosting packages will be a great help for small and medium enterprises.

Besides unlimited free hosting packages and 5 email accounts, 000webhost also offers SEO analysis tools, traffic statistics website, and guides to help you promote your marketing strategies.
With a new VPS infrastructure, 000webhost recently became the first and only unit providing free hosting services with SSL certificates to ensure the safety of your database.

Some basic information:
  • Storage: 1.5GB
  • Domain Name: Unlimited, Free Subdomain
  • Ecommerce Features: Not available, but will update soon in the future
  • Bandwidth: 100GB
  • Email: 5 accounts
  • Web Design or Web Build: Hundreds of templates and many useful applications.
000webhost offers several high end hosting packages at very cheap rates for $3.50 per month only.

#2 - x10Hosting

This is one of the oldest andbestfreewebhosting service providers in the world. Launched in 2004, x10Hosting offers stable, high-performance features and services for $ 0.99 on the latest versions of PHP, MySQL, and cPanel.

Some basic information:
  • Storage: Unlimited
  • Domain names: 2 add-on domains, 1 parked domain, and 2 subdomains
  • E-commerce Features: Just one click set up for e-commerce platforms like Magento
  • Bandwidth: Unlimited
  • Email: 3 free accounts
  • Web Design or Web Build: With over 150 templates and other applications available through the cPanel installation

#3 - AwardSpace

A pioneer in the free web hosting industry with over 10 years of experience, AwardSpace.com has owned a huge customer base.

With high-speed factor and supporting system, the parameters for free packages are limited. However, this is a good choice for personal blogs with 5GB of bandwidth each month.

Some basic information:
  • Storage: 1GB
  • Domain: 1 domain and 3 subdomains
  • Ecommerce Features: None
  • Bandwidth: 5GB
  • Email: 1 account
  • Web Design or Web Build: they do not require, but they have Joomla and WordPress platforms

#4 – ByetHost

If anyone has learned about hosting, then you have heard of ByetHost. Since the bad scandal of the affair allowed for registration Reseller Hosting free, causing people to rage registration and spread the shared host view, ByetHost reputation has fallen dramatically.

At present, everything has been modified to compete with other vendors. Absolutely, Byethost is still one of the best free cloud hosting services providers. With intuitive and easy to use management interface, Byethost is the right choice for novices to all websites and blogs as well.

Some basic information:
  • Storage: 1,000 MB of storage
  • Domain names: 5 addon domains, 5 subdomains, 5 parked domains and 5 MySQL databases
  • E-commerce Features: None
  • Bandwidth: 50GB
  • Email: Unlimited
  • Supports FTP protocol
  • Web Design or Web Build: None

#5 - Freehostia

If you are looking to build a personal website/blog with moderate storage and 250 to 300 visitors a day, FreeHostia's free WordPress Hosting (Chocolate) package is a great choice.

With only 250MB of bandwidth and 6GB of bandwidth per month and no cPanelX support, FreeHostia's free hosting has very good quality and fast response rates for users around the world.

With the Vietnamese support interface, registration is fast and simple, hosting is activated right away, automatically installing some popular scripts on the host, including WordPress, as well as rarely downtime.

Some basic information:
  • Storage: 0.25GB
  • Domain: 5 domains, 15 subdomains
  • Bandwidth: 6GB / month
  • POP3 / IMAP Email: 3 accounts
  • Ecommerce Features: None

Benefits and drawbacks of using thefree cloud hosting service provider


  • Free of charge package or limited fees
  • Ease of install and use
  • Ease of payment method (Visa or Master and Paypal are not required).


  • The speed is slow and unstable.
  • Resources are poor. 
  • Security factor is poor.
  • Databases can be lost.
  • You can lock up if you overhang.
  • Advertising may appear.

Should you choose free cloud hosting services?

Free hosting will often be used by newcomers who do not have much experience or have no budget for renting a private host.

Because free hosting should be free, there are many limitations. Most of them do not support adding separate domains. The resources and the speed are slow and the security is extremely poor.

Many vendors make you have to place ads on the website, configure the software outdated, most likely to encounter errors when installing WordPress, etc.

So, when you start a website, I/We suggest you choose the Shared Hosting Service.

In general, people will not be called shared hosting but just short of a host. For operating systems, you choose Linux hosting or WordPress hosting if used for WordPress.

Some popular questions you need to ask and find out the real answer behind by yourself

  • What is the warranty period? Just less than 99.9% you have the right type right
  • Where do you want the server to be located?
  • Do the customer support policies in a service provider give? Do they have live chat system or email or phone only?
  • Your financial ability as well as your payment plan? For example, if you want to apply for a 2-year plan, do you prefer to pay full or one-off payments? Also, pay attention to finances when you renew the next time. I/We see many of you stop hosting because the cost of extension is too high.
  • Consider contract terms as well as renewal procedures? Remember, the price of hosting for the first time will be discounted from the provider. The renewal fee will be higher than the price you purchased for the first time.
  • Do you consider scalability or bandwidth? For example, you start with the Shared hosting plan, and then plan to expand the bandwidth and host capacity.
  • Check the hosting provider is original or just the re-seller service agent?
  • Are security measures and data backup protocols good or not?
  • How long has hosting provider been involved in hosting business? In general, most of the best hosting providers now have a high reputation and have been involved in hosting for a long time.
  • When you want to cancel your contract, what does the provider require from you?
  • Do you have a free trial version? Normally, any vendor will offer a trial package of at least 30 days.
  • How long does the refund policy during the trial period? Most of the trials are not 100% free, but you will have to pay a fee. You will also receive a refund if you feel dissatisfied with the service.
  • Is hosting installation difficult or easy for you to use?
  • Where is the vendor support center located? Is it close to where you live?
  • What is the policy of the provider if you need to change your hosting configuration? For example, would you like to upgrade the Shared hosting package to Dedicated or VPS possible?
  • If anything happens to your website, is the warranty policy satisfactory? Can your database be fully recovered?
  • Are there any complaints or comments from customers to this hosting service before?
  • What are the privacy policy and privacy of the user's database?

There are several free cloud hosting service providers for you to choose from. However, if you are serious about creating a website, you should register for a paid hosting service like A2Hosting or HawkHost.

With paid hosting services, you will have a high-performance server that will ensure your website runs smoothly when traffic is high. In addition, you will receive support whenever you have problems with hosting.
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VPS Hosting and Cloud Hosting – What Should You Select?

January 06, 2018

Should you select Cloud Hosting or VPS Hosting? Check some major points about these before determining.


VPS Hosting and Cloud Hosting are one of the most popular web-hosting services on the latest market, but considering which one is a great question to rise. Should I choose VPS Hosting or Cloud Hosting? These have good points and some weak factors, so you should have a clear comparison of your mind before. Here are a few points that you may come across.

Operating environment

Regarding the operating environment, VPS Hosting is not different from Cloud Hosting. Customers will receive VPS and set up their functions as needed. Similarly, Cloud Hosting is a dedicated virtual server that is created at the customer's discretion.

The biggest difference between two servers lies in the scalability and cloud computing platform. The first thing is that a cloud server can be considered a VPS, but it is not the other ways.


When setting up VPS, a Dedicated Hosting (for example, a server with 64GB of RAM along with many other resources) is split into several parts.

All of these server parts will be virtualized deeper. Each part of the server can function as a dedicated server. This is also why they are called VDS (Virtual Dedicated Server), next to VPS.

Nonetheless, with Cloud Hosting, customers will rent part of the network made up of many connected devices.

The advantage here is that users can always increase their resources as desired and that process can be completed with just a few clicks.

Available feature

In the VPS Hosting, the failure of a component or device can result in this server are not being accessible until the repair process is completed.

However, for the Cloud Hosting, whenever a device fails the system will automatically select an alternative device. As a result, customers can minimize the impact from being unreachable to the server.

Payment methods

Depending on the virtualization method used, a VPS server can only let you use a single operating system.

For the cloud server, you have the freedom to use whatever operating system you want. At the same time, you can also set up or replace your server with any operating system that allows.

On the Cloud Hosting, everything was going very fast. Each server is always ready to serve tenants in seconds. However, in a VPS server, it will take a long time to virtualize a dedicated server and deliver server parts to the client.

For this reason, the Cloud Server uses resources optimally. Anyone can earn a bonus on the system as soon as the payment transaction is completed.

In the VPS server, you cannot be sure when the server rents are sold out. VPS systems cannot utilize resources as much as possible. For example, if you have only one customer on the parent server, it's a waste.

Resources allocation

In the Cloud Hosting environment, a client is completely separate from all other clients. Customers will be transferred totally the resources specified in the contract. Also, the database of each server is fully separate. That being said, the Cloud Hosting will be secured more secure than VPS.

For VPS Hosting, each client will receive a virtual environment with the memory allocated and with a certain amount of bandwidth.

However, the CPU and memory of the parent server will be divided evenly among different VPS classes. For example, if a VPS service pack has a 1GHz CPU and 512MB of RAM which means that both the RAM and the CPU can be split into different parts.


Most VPSs are hosted on a single server. When a client wants to upgrade a VPS, if the server still has resources, users do not get any issue. Nonetheless, if the server is running out of resources, the updated process of the VPS1 will be delayed.

As for cloud VPS, resources are very large and always ready to upgrade VPS, the distribution is also very fast.

Active time

VPS Hosting will run your virtual server on a Shared Hosting. If the host needs servicing, there is a hard drive failure, or simply a reboot; then your virtual server will be dead.

Cloud Hosting will run your virtual server on multiple hosting servers. If the host needs servicing, there is a hard drive failure, or simply a reboot. Then, your virtual host will be redirected to a host that provides you with zero downtime and space.

A short comparison table between VPS and Cloud Hosting 

VPS will be a more economical option than Private Cloud Hosting. However, you will encounter more limits. Along with that is the risk associated with information security when the VPS is much less secure.

Public Cloud Hosting packages have a distinct advantage when compared to VPS, and this is why they are nowadays extremely popular. With the Cloud Hosting, you will have cheaper and more secure environments as well as the freedom to extend resources.


I/We have already helped you by listing out the differences between VPS Hosting and Cloud Hosting. Hope that you enable to have a solid understanding of these web-hosting services and begin with your service right away. Do not wait for a certain time to start because your website ought to be down and decrease at any time.
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Why Should You Use Bluehost Cloud Hosting in This Season?

January 04, 2018
Meta:Choose the right web-hosting service provider like you should find and select a suitable mentor for a start-up owner. And today, I/We will give you more information about Bluehost Cloud Hosting.


There is no doubt that all businesses should make their websites, but building a professional website is a tough journey that they have to come across. All reputable companies always have excellent websites to do business on the Internet.

As a business owner, you have identified that your website is an important gateway between your patrons and your business to interact in the long period of time.

If you want to have a high-quality website, you will need to select a first-rate web hosting service. When it comes to naming well-served reputation, Bluehost Cloud Hosting is one of the most popular web-hosting service providers. Yes, I/we will share my/our experience about how Bluehost is.

An overview of Bluehost Cloud Hosting

Bluehost Cloud Hosting is one of the oldest web hosts have started in 1996, this has become the biggest brand name in the WordPress hosting as a popular hosting service provider. It provides service more than 2 million websites from countries to the world.

Most companies and even entry bloggers usually use WordPress platform, to begin with, a website. However, if you do not have a good web-hosting service, your website will be slow or down at any time.

Some hosting services that Bluehost can provide

Share Web Hosting 

Bluehost requires all users need to purchase an annual plan. If you choose a 2-year plan or 3-year plan, then you will get more discounts. They do not have month-to-month options. Bluehost and HostMonster were owned by Endurance International Group.

VPS Web Hosting 

If you want to increase the volumes of traffic or expand specific requirements which support you in use of shared servers, Bluehost Cloud Hosting also has VPS options to take into account.

They provide three kinds of Linux-based VPS Web Hosting with the affordable price point (I/we will list out in another part) and more discount promotions for loyal clients. However, they do not give Windows-based VPS.

With Dedicated Web Hosting, you can use it with a Linux operating system, improve your hard-drive space up to 1TB, data transfers is 15TB per month plus 16GB of RAM. You will also find these specifications in HostMonster.

WordPress Web Hosting 

Probably, many bloggers or for those who are looking for building a blog, they should stay focused on this plan – WordPress Web Hosting.

Bluehost offers 4 main packages which are WP Standard, WP Enhanced, WP Premium, and WP Ultimate. They can support you in the backup and be caching issues automatically. Also, you enable to protect your download programs with WordPress security feature.

Benefits of using Bluehost

Ease of use 

Bluehost shared Hosting using cPanel which are considered as the easiest hosting software. Most Shared Hosting providers use standard cPanel, and you will be easy to use.

In fact, cPanel helps you manage your hosting account more easily. Also, BluehostCloud Hosting is one of the few Shared Web Hosting companies that allow SSH access.

Security feature

The security feature is another important point that you need to draw attention. With Bluehost, you will have three major layers of spam protection that are Spam Experts, Spam Hammer, Apache Spam Assassin. Furthermore, it is not difficult to establish many filters, and your directories are safe.

Also, they provide one-click integration with CloudFlare to improve the strong protection for your website.

In case you want to block your website from pop-ups and other advertisements, you enable to recommend a blacklist with IP address to fill in this list.

Customer service 

Compared to other hosting services, I/we rateBluehost's customer support service up to 4/5 star.You can communicate with them via online chat easily, email or phone as well.

In most cases, the resolution time is 5-30 minutes, which is an average support time for any shared hosting.They have been run the business for nearly 17 years, which is an incredibly long time to build trust with clients.

30-money back guarantee 

BluehostCloud Hosting offers a 30-day warranty, so if you are not satisfied with their hosting, you can cancel your account within the first 30 days. Then, you will receive your full refund.


  • Diverse hosting plans for meeting all requirements from clients 
  • Reasonable price point in all packages 
  • Well-being customer service
  • Great Uptime 
  • Quick page loading 
  • Great security options 
  • Ease of use
  • 30-day free trial and a money-back guarantee 


  • Slow responding from customer service department (sometimes)
  • Low quality in the 36-month plan 
  • Extra fees in some plans 

Why should you begin with Bluehost? 

Bluehost has several applications, plug-ins, and script features. You start with the suitable package through easy click only. These features will help you build and control your websites smoothly including WordPress themes, Discussion forums, Image galleries, Marketing tools, Customer support tools, etc.

It is time to draw attention to the price

In general, Bluehost Cloud Hosting gives three main plans which are Basic Plan, Plus Plan and Prime Plan. Please note that you should pay for three years at one time to get their promotional price when using shared hosting plans. If you do not select this stream, you will have the minimum duration in one year only.

Access their homepage to know further information.


Bluehost Cloud Hosting is one of the best web hosting providers on the current market; especially on the WordPress Web Hosting. With several features in each plan, this integration is available for both starters and experienced users.

Although low-end plans are probably a little bit expensive, VPS and Dedicated Server packages are affordable with the great user experience. Also, Cloud Hosting is more powerful than Shared Hosting. Thus, in case you want to run several sizes of the website on different shared plans, you enable to access them in one place only.

In a nutshell, Bluehost is a worthy investment at the reasonable price tag to start a host and infrastructure at once. Your websites can meet all standards of many searching websites like Google. And this is the time for you to try a new high-quality service provider right now!
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Everything You Should Know About Cloud Hosting

January 03, 2018
Meta: You probably hear Cloud Hosting, but you do not have a solid understanding of this concept. You come to the right place because of this post for everyone to know more about this service.


In recent years, Cloud Hosting is a new term for hosting which has become popular. The major concept of cloud hosting is Divide and Rule. Although it has been released for a long time, still not many people know what is the Cloud Hosting Service?

In fact, they do not know how to intend to rent Cloud Hosting and use shared hosting often lose many of the strengths of cloud technology. If you have the similar issue about Cloud Computing, you should spend much time for reading.

Before inventing the Cloud Hosting technology

Computer models evolved over different historical periods due to the development of computer and communication network infrastructure.

For the first generation to the third one, computers are still bulky and expensive computers. At that time, application programs are developed at very high costs due to the lack of programming language friendliness, the rigorous operation, and use of the system.

The fourth generation of computers appeared in the 70's so far with the appearance of processors with friendly programming languages, which are more suitable for each specific application field.

With the introduction of personal computers in the early 80's by IBM and Apple, computing was widely and universally popular.

In the 1980s (especially in the 1990s), this is the age of technology and network infrastructure. Communication has evolved tremendously with the advent of global Internet connectivity, and the explosion of Web applications.

In the early 21st century, telecommunication infrastructure has converged on digital technology. The technology connects wired, wireless via copper cable, optical cable, satellite, wifi, 3G, 4G network, etc. allow a network connection to reach the remote area and poor remote regions.

With the development of ICT infrastructure, computing devices are also very diverse from supercomputers, large server rentals to personal computers, laptops, smart mobile devices or power generators. Popular mobile phones can all be connected - a connected world.

When the world of computing is connected, how to get the most out of it at the lowest cost and fastest? How does a business have an ERP application system within 24 hours? How does a software project have a development environment with a project management tool available within 4 hours? How can the head teacher in the highlands have an application for managing records and lesson plans without having to go through the steps of "installing" or "backing up" data?

It is not possible to address the same needs, but it can be said that Cloud Hosting is expected to meet those needs, bringing high-quality IT products and services to every requirement.

What is Cloud Hosting?

Cloud Hosting is a service that functions as a web hosting that stores data, application based on the website but is divided in the form of the cloud should own a lot of outstanding features.

When using cloud hosting, users will avoid the impact of hosting a server but still ensure the cheap.
Most services are provided to enterprise customers, organizations, and e-commerce websites. Even individuals and forums have high requirements for efficient, stable and scalable data management. Whenever there is a need, the speed of website access is extremely fast.

Cloud Hosting is based on cloud computing platform, improving the speed of hosting access, increasing data security and limiting hosting to 99%. Cloud Hosting will bring customers peace of mind and build the highest efficiency in businesses.

How does Cloud Hosting work?

Cloud Hosting is based on the cloud computing technology using the best server platform of the world's major server vendors such as Cisc along with Cloud Storage system with storage principle.

Also, it operates on the CloudLinux operating system and more than it uses load balancing technology between servers together to create a much faster access than other types of Web Hosting. Security of the database is also higher, and it minimizes the possibility of Downtime for the Website.
Cloud Hosting has a significant advantage over today's traditional hosting solutions such as the use of resources and the security of a cloud-hosted website that is always guaranteed on multiple servers instead of just one.

The cloud computing technology also eliminates any physical limitations for the development and makes the data storage solution extremely flexible. The stability of the system Cloud Hosting compared to traditional hosting up to 300%.

What will you receive benefit from Cloud Hosting? 

Cloud Hosting allows small and large website owners, without any name, to benefit from the latest technology at a price that can satisfy all users.

Cloud Hosting based on the most advanced technology in the world today allows an unlimited number of servers for a website or a website system.

It also allows for very high expansion, allowing users to use the resources and security of a cloud-hosted website secured by multiple servers. Cloud computing technology also removes any physical limitation for development and makes storage solutions extremely flexible.

You will not have to worry about security or data backup mater. All your databases on the website will be backed up continuously and absolutely safe.

If there is any server in the system experiencing a malfunction, the system will automatically switch to another physical server.

Some Cloud Hosting models in the world such as WordPress.com, Facebook.com, Apple'siCloud service. The system always has a steady performance.

How will Cloud Hosting develop in the future?

Various enterprises and companies have been using Cloud Hosting for many years; especially small business owners will save lots of bucks on their budget. This is a true story because the costing has decreased over last 5 years, but the quality still is stable. Some medium-sized companies also change the cloud arena and support their business system a lot.

In a nutshell, several businesses around the world have gotten a valued investment by changing Cloud Hosting. However, some small companies have not upgraded the latest infrastructure to use this new platform because money is a certain concern to them.


Cloud Hosting is still a new model, more accurate platform of application and exploitation of new computing, which is considered to be very potential and highly effective. Hopefully, everyone will be familiar with the use of software and data storage outside their homes, offices through interacting in the cloud.
Everything You Should Know About Cloud Hosting Everything You Should Know About Cloud Hosting Reviewed by thanhcongabc on January 03, 2018 Rating: 5
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