Use data analytics to support the business success

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Today, most of the businesses are aware of the importance of data analytics, nearly 90% of the business leaders think it will change their businesses in a right direction to success.

Most of the investors are purchasing Big Data projects to gain competitive advantages in developing customer relationships, redefining product development, and changing the way the business operation.

However, to make an effective investment in data analytics is not just easy like that. If your goal is to apply data analysis to your business, you should have a clear understanding of Big data and data analytics to make use of them.

After having a good understanding of these essential things, it’s time for you to apply them in running your business effectively. There are various tips that you wish you knew before to drive your company in the right way to gain the achievements.

Use data analytics to support the business success

Making use of data analytics is never an easy issue to the entrepreneurs, especially the leaders. Here are some suggested ways for you.

Always be ready to attract the customers 

The very first step in exploiting the effective data analytics to improve the customer loyalty is to identify the business model of your company. Two main formats include registered and non-registered members.

Membership who attended as the registered members can be easy to identify as a target customer group. For the unregistered business model, the entrepreneurs need to have the plans to identify the target customers among them regularly.

Ways to attract the loyal customers include customer services to such as offering special offers through phone care, phone applications, or sending discount offers.

Control or evaluate the customer satisfaction through customer surveys in the business websites, poles or questionnaires. Moreover, you should have long-term plans to reduce the obstacles for the customers in the easier purchasing process.

Analyze the suitability of the products or services with the needs of customers to understand what the customers are interested in [1]. This tip will help you find the right path to adjust and produce the amazing products that fit their needs and tastes.

Understand the decision-making process

While your ideas and emotions are easy to change, data analytics is the basis for empowering the leaders to make rational decisions. However, a business does not have to need data analytics to be perfect and successful.

It is extremely crucial to learn to ask the correct questions and then, get into the problems well to find the right solutions that can be supported by effective data analytics.

The simplest way to identify the right problems and questions is to identify the most important decisions of a leader. Based on the available data, you can analyze the wrong operation in the company to adjust the new plans for your business.

Understand the wrong strategies in business can help an entrepreneur create the more careful plans for the next projects and a more suitable rational business operation.

Never complicate the data analysis

A talented data scientist will not handle every business problems. They know clearly how to choose and focus only on the main issues that influence greatly on the value of the business and think of the effective solutions for that problems.

Think simply on the data analytics to support the successful activities of a business. The key point is to simplify the analysis to make those data usable and provide full advantages for you to plan for the right way of the business management.

Find the relevant factors

To solve a problem of a business, it is essential to find out the dependent variables to solve the problem and analyze the independent variables.

Independent variables are not always clear while doing any researches for data analyzing. The initial requirements of a data analysis project can cause the misidentification of the business goals or business metrics to be evaluated well.

For example, if the directors asked you to increase the number of customers, you should understand that the leaders want to increase the total revenue. And, the rate of return is the main indicator that the director cares about.

Therefore, to find the important index that needs for the data analysis, a discussion with all the related people of the project should be organized. During the discussion, try to identify the right things concerned by the business leaders.

Set suitable standards

Set the standards that help to show team effectiveness and the goals for the whole team to work on. To do this, you need to collect the old data, internal and external impacts to find out an accurate standard.

First, you need to search for the current benchmark of the peer companies to compare yours with that one. Combine it with the information of your business resources to get an overview of your business effectiveness to others.

Thanks to that activities, you can set the most suitable standards that fit your company.

Make plans for periodic reports

Once you set up the measurable standards and objectives for your company, you need to plan your implementation for periodic reports to achieve the final goals. This activity supports the leaders in accessing the working effectiveness of individuals.

Periodic meetings allow you to have the right adjustment for the plans to help increase the efficiency of your work operation. Each team or department in the company with high effectiveness will boost the business success faster

Monthly reports illustrate the whole performance of all departments not only helps all the staffs use the data more in their work but also uses data analytics more wisely to increase the team effectiveness.


Using data analytics to aim at success for your business is not very easy, but you can learn to improve it gradually. We hope that you can have the best methods to keep your business going on the right track with our suggestions.
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