7 Tips And Tricks To Store Things Online Effectively

Cloud storage features many Easter eggs that we might not notice. This article will help you unlock 7 interesting ways to store your files online.

Cloud Storage has been around for ages and it seems no one could deny its capacity and features. When it comes to cloud storage, several famous names pop up including Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive, and Box. Names are different, however, all of them offer standardized services which enable you to store, access and manage your files easily.

How to use cloud storage effectively?
The question is are you really sure you have mastered cloud storage? Some existing features may be waiting for your notice. Let’s see how many cool things you can do with your personal cloud storage

Save Your Gmail Attachments To The Cloud

Google Scripts allow you to automatically set up the path for your Gmail attachments to your Google Drive. All you have to do is install Save Emails – an add-on that will help you save emails and files from Gmail to Google Drive. You can also use this add-on to save pictures, videos, documents, backups or anything from Gmail to Google Drive.

Once it is installed, the add-on will set up a mechanism to download your chosen files to the folder you created for Gmail files. The add-on is available for free, however, its premium version offers a few more interesting features.

In case you don’t want to save things from Gmail to Google Drive, Kloudless, an extension for Chrome and Firefox, to save your email content, and attachments into any cloud storages as you prefer.

Embed Video Using Google Drive 

Why bother using YouTube or any hosting site to upload and embed your videos while you can ask Google Drive to do the job for you. The process is simple.
  • On Google Drive, choose Upload, or you can use drag and drop option
  • Choose the video you need to upload
  • Change the private setting from Piave to Public if you want to use it on a website. 
  • After uploading, right click on the video and select Open with Google Drive Viewer
  • Choose File- Embed this video 
  • Copy the code and use it on your blog. 

File Previewer With Google Drive 

Google Drive supports over 30 file formats including .CSS, .HTML, .ZIP, .RAR. You can preview your files using Google Drive if it is less than 25 MB. More importantly, if you want to open vector files such as .AI or .SVG, you can also use Google Drive to preview the files.

To-Do Lists On The Cloud 

If you are busy and have a list of things to do during the day, it is important to use to-do lists to manage your tasks and avoid procrastination. But is it possible to create and manage to-do lists on your cloud? The answer is yes. You can use tools and applications such as Wunderlist to build up your to-do list via Dropbox. These applications often automatically deliver your daily tasks across devices so you can access to your to-do lists from anywhere.

Manage Your Documents On Google Drive Or OneDrive 

Google Drive and OneDrive are two giants in cloud service world. They are famous for many handy features. Among them, creating and editing documents is what make people interest the most. Besides, you can use these features to create online research, including managing tasks, planning events, create quizzes and collecting feedbacks.

You can manage your documents and files effectively with cloud storage.
Your folders and documents could be easily shared and accessed by your colleagues. They can comment and make changes on documents if allowed.

Turn Your Multiple Cloud Accounts Into One

You may have multiple cloud accounts at the same time. This allows you to have a bigger storage space but prevents you to access to your cloud accounts effectively. How to manage your files using multiple cloud accounts? Many available options help you to convert different cloud accounts into one single one. MultCloud is one example. It allows you to get access your files from multiple accounts in only one working page.

Other Options For Cloud Storage

Besides famous providers such as Dropbox, Google Drive or OneDrive, there are a few more options to name. For example, if you don’t want to use any of those mentioned above, you can create your own cloud platform. Some providers such as ownCloud ensure their clients by providing good packages and security.

An idea appears and you want to jot it down as soon as possible. Instead of opening Google Drive, you can use Evernote or similar applications to record and manage your thoughts instantly. Basically, Evernote could be used for anything that comes to your mind which need to be written down.
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