Pay Attention to the Impartiality When Using Cloud Computing

Is it necessary to draw attention to the net neutrality for your company? The answer is yes! Mind this point when you start to use the cloud computing.


I am pretty sure that no one likes to touch the regulations and the political points; especially when they have to deal with these two factors at the same time. However, the net neutrality problem plays a key role in every company when they are using cloud computing. So, what things do you need to notice right now?

An overview of the net impartiality 

According to the US Federal Communications Commission, the net neutrality regulations will affect all small businesses, small website owns, and customers a lot. These probably increase the price of several Internet services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime Video.

Due to the FCC rules, these prohibit some points to all broadband providers to block or reduce the speed of web traffic.

And these terms are not covered internet service enterprise. In other words, these regulations protect all small business in lots of strong barriers when they are accessing the Internet.

These regulations will reduce the category of some business models in ISPs which can move.

Though several technology enterprises supported the net neutrality regulations, there are still some companies do not follow these rules.

Some big technology providers like Oracle and Cisco Systems encouraged the 2017 FCC plan to revoke the net neutrality because the 2015 rule did not encourage investment factors in broadband.

How the FCC plan affects the use of clouding computing to all enterprises?

If your company has more than $1 billion in revenue, the net neutrality is not influenced by you because you have custom basically to negotiate a lot of agreement with IPS. These will reduce any throttling.

In general, companies use a specific cloud provider more than one probably receives dedicated lines installed between the companies to the cloud service provider through their data centers. This will eliminate the influence of net neutrality at the same time.

For those who have a company with less than $1 billion in revenue totally worry about this point. The bad news is most of the ISPs they cannot cover traffic for all small clients and they do not limit access level based on the amount of you pay.

The notion packet prioritization, on the one hand, has been increased as a big problem because it ought to change the scale to the benefits for all businesses. However, the ISPs have not moved on that way.

In fact, there is not any change these days. An IT shop at a small company, for example, needs to monitor the network immediately to check cloud performance with its changes and limitations by bandwidth attacking.

On the flip side, you cannot find out anything uncommon right after removing the rules. However, it is better to protect your company by verifying. Do not believe anything in a few minutes that you lose your mind at home.

Big firms use the cloud computing do not affect the net neutrality changes, they still need to stay focused on these carefully. Please keep in mind that customers use the cloud computing have the right to decide to your bucks in your budget.

What’s more, applications are used external clients with lots of databases, videos, and images should rethink of how these are served to every individual user.

Cost is not the main issue in this story. There is an ecosystem of WAN optimization with performance management which cloud service providers create for better performance in the data center and mobile platform as well.

Also, all these models can be broken because they are made from the assumption to drive the traffic in a great way.


Whether you are a small business owner or not, you also need to pay attention the net neutrality when beginning with the cloud computing; especially all regulations and plan in the FCC. These will rescue your companies a lot for the upcoming time.

Please carry in mind that the digital world is much more complicated than you may think and know. Always build a solid protection for your enterprise will not make you a big excuse later. Additionally, you can spend much time to read all regulations of the FCC to ensure a deep understanding of an entire picture.
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