How fast is your enterprise moving to cloud?

Do you know about cloud migration? It is known as a process of transferring data from computer to the cloud. Have you ever imagined one day there will be a revolution in cloud migration on the whole world? The fact is that the on-premises are seemingly losing the competitive edge on the market as a plenty of big-name IT companies decided to develop activities related to cloud migration.

However, this change is somehow becoming a trend since the number of companies spending a lot of money on concentrating on the cloud does not only stop at a cluster of big enterprises but also medium and small-sized ones. That leads to a result that some organizations fail apart into an over-managed situation. Perhaps they could not control the speed of migrating and do not know whether they are moving too fast or not.

We all know that everything always exists both strengths and limitations and the speed of cloud migration fast or slow is not an exception. The lowdown below will help you know more.

1. Statistics tell what? 

Numbers never tell lie. According to Gartner, one of the top-rank research companies on the world and the data from them is far-reaching and trustworthy, there is a surprisingly steep rise to over 40 percent in the revenue of giant IT companies such as Microsoft, Google, and Amazon in the market of IaaS. (Infrastructure as a service, a part of the cloud computing model, where computing resources are supplied).

This research company even predicts that the increasing number of revenue will not stop at only 40 percent. It is likely to be roughly 300 percent in the near future. This is definitely an enormous number and of course, it will be totally able to occur if a plethora of firms turn by turn focus on cloud migration activities.

In another perspective, when the fund for the cloud is increased significantly, the budget for the traditional system, on-premises one, is certainly cut down. Statistics from IDC (International Data Corporation) shows that almost companies minimized a quite large percentage of their budget for IT infrastructure by 13.2 percent during two years from 2016 to 2018.

2. When is the company moving too fast?

Nothing is good if we migrate lickety-split. Of course, the migration to the cloud is not an exception. Even though the number of growth in revenue reached an impressive static though a variety of people are afraid of its future whether it will be broken and cannot retain this number. Those who support the stable development will criticize this trend in my own perspective.

Mistakes definitely appear when the speed of migration is relatively quick as we cannot control and cover every detail. The consequence might be quite costly and what we have to pay after that not only money but also time. The company may waste a large amount of time on fixing the mistakes due to the speedy moving to the cloud. This can be several weeks, months, or even years. You may not trust but in fact, a lot of companies had to devote 1 or 2 years to fix only one serious mistake because of the fast migration to the cloud.

Here are some common mistakes that an enterprise is likely to deal with.
  • Security: the security is the very first mistake that every company has to tackle. It is an easy-to-understand issue when something moving too fast as we cannot pay attention to every detail, the security may get leaked. 
  • Governance: The management, as well as the operation of the cloud computing capability, will be affected if transferring at a high speed. 

3. What are the drawbacks of moving too slow?

Once more time, people will be curious about the disadvantages of slow migration to the cloud. Even though the speedy moving exists several mistakes, being out-of-date with the trend is much more dangerous.

It can be understood by the fact that we cannot take huge advantages from the offers of the public cloud. Because this one has featured some delightful benefits so that IT companies or even other organizations can utilize. If you are not fast enough, you may miss out for sure. It might lead to the result of losing money as we did not take the cost as well as strategic upsides on time.

Unfortunately, even they are seemingly quite slow with other competitors on IaaS market but a plenty of companies do not care much about the ROI analysis (Return On Investment). It is a performance measure with the aim of helping users evaluate the level of efficiency from an investment. That’s why those companies which do not apply this measure cannot understand which factors are destroying their business.

The best way to archive the goal is that don’t move too fast or slow to the cloud, just keep a stable pace and know thoroughly what your company truly needs.

Whether moving to cloud too fast is good or not, let’s figure out with our today article.
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